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What is shoulder pain? 

What most people call it as the "shoulder" is actually a set of joints, tendons and muscles that work together to allow a wide area of the arm movement. Shoulder pain is one of the most prevalent and pains that may arise in the shoulder or around it. May be detailed in the same or any of the muscles or ligaments or tendons nearby. Shoulder pain usually increases with the increase in the activities and the movement of the arm or shoulder pain may increase to the point of preventing the patient from doing some movements necessary in daily life or practice sports. And increases the pain alone at night so they may awaken the patient from sleep. About 3 out of every 10 individuals suffering from shoulder pain according to the World Statistics. It is not especially a certain age, shoulder pain may appear in different ages are common in middle-aged and also prevalent in older people with different reasons. Insanity Workout Calendar
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What are the causes of shoulder pain: 

1 tendonitis or Allathab fibrosis or rotator cuff tear: 

• inflammation fibrosis: are small bags filled with fluid in the joints is the whole body, including the shoulder. These bags act as the roof reduces friction between the bones and muscles making it easier movement. - In some cases causing frequent movement of shoulder inflammation and swelling in these bags on the shoulder and thus infect the patient's pain. 

• inflammatory tendons: tendon is a strip of connective tissue which connects the muscles and bones, which in the case of continuous movement when moving the shoulder, which leads to the violation and sometimes rupture the tendon or inflammation Tendenosis \ Tendinitis. - Tendinitis Tendinitis: cause swelling of the tendon, which leads to swollen tendon friction between the bones, causing pain in the shoulder. 

- Usually more shoulder tendons are affected by the four rotator cuff tendons (Rotator Cuff) and a biceps tendon tendons brachial (Biceps). Usually have a tendonitis types: - Sharp: It is what happens as a result of repetitive movement of the arm above the head, such as throwing a ball or similar movements in work or sports, which may cause acute inflammation. 

- Chronic: which is what happens as a result of the movement of the arm above the head, such as the repeated painting the ceiling or swim or participate in some athletics. The place to sit and repeated wrong at work or home is also considered the most important reasons. Because of the frequent movement of the shoulder joint and the muscles around it may happen rampage or internal inflammation or inflammation of calcifying or rupture, which leads to shoulder pain. 

- The arthritis patients or rheumatoid arthritis or rheumatism patients from more susceptible to shoulder pain. 

2 Detailed frozen shoulder (Frozen Shoulder): 
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Detailed frozen shoulder problem 

This disease is called by that name because the patient feels severe pain and that his shoulder like a frozen and can not move his arm as normal in all directions. Sometimes the pain extends to the arm and hand when the examination. 

3 roughness and acute acromioclavicular joint (: (Acromioclavicular joint roughness and acute acromioclavicular joint 

- Due to the frequent movement of the shoulder joint and tendons, changes may occur and collarbone injuries in a detailed patient Faisab severe local pain or pain when you touch or local swelling, especially when moving the shoulder in certain directions. 

- Usually occurs during rest pain has worsened when doing sports movements or carry anything heavy. Insanity Workout Calendar

4 inflammation of the biceps tendon brachial: (Biceps tendinopathy) 

- Is an inflammation happens to the head of the long biceps brachial with repeated heavy lifting and raising the arm above the head. - If this continues, inflammation, chronic inflammation may lead to laceration Balauter. 

5 as a result of pressure on the nerve roots in the neck: 

Shoulder pain may be due to neck pain caused by inflammatory and narrow the cervical spine (neck roughness), where the patient feels pain in the shoulder with the movement of the neck. 

6 injuries or fractures: 

- May result in injuries or fractures to the long-term pain which results from the injury and is diagnosed by X-ray (X ray). 

7-rheumatoid arthritis: 

Causes of shoulder pain and neck the other may return to rheumatoid arthritis, which affects the shoulder and neck. 

What are the ways to treat shoulder pain? 

1. Drug treatment: 

Eating antiinflammatory drugs which comes success rates varying from patient to check what Akhruaadh temporary improvement in the percentage of the pain may not come with any result other. Insanity Workout Calendar

2. Physical Therapy: 

Physical therapy exercises work with specialists, this method may reduce pain after the work of many of the sessions may be ineffective with some patients and some do not prefer it due to its need for a long time Ute off. 

3. Analgesics and Sports: 

This method relies on the use of analgesics work with some exercise and wait for the demise of pain. May appear as a result of this method is between 1 to 6 months. 

4. Surgical intervention: 

In some cases, the patient resorted to surgery to get rid of intense pain. This is because the success of this method to whether or not the cause of pain and the amount includes the well-known risks to any surgical intervention or exposure to anesthesia kidney.

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