Nine healthy foods for healthy hair.

Not enough to ensure cleanliness to enjoy healthy hair, but must be integrated with healthy balanced diet. And supports the growth of hair, which grows at a rate of a quarter to half an inch (inch equals about 2.5 cm) each month, as well as the growth of the nails, the food we eat. If we ate healthier foods are growing strong and healthy cells throughout the body at home and abroad.

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If the nature of your hair is good , but light , you will not have tufts of hair thick whatever dealt from food , but a balanced diet that contains a large amount of protein and iron, which helps the growth could make the difference , according to experts, hair and nutrition. But Beware of food ingredients that are sold , which works to increase the density of hair and work to grow rapidly , as they may lead to negative results .

The Brad Mirmiran , American doctor and specialist dermatology , Calif. , tips in his speech to the site « Web Mead » Medical -mail, says : " Although there are cosmetics in more stores , Try to get the nutrients that you need to eat as much as possible . In rare cases lead excessive intake of certain nutrients such as vitamin (A) to the hair loss . "

Nine foods to enjoy healthy hair:

  • Salmon : When you talk about food more than beauty , there is no better than the salmon that contains fatty acids « Omega-3 » , which is a rich source of protein and is also rich in vitamin «B12» and iron.
  • Says Andrea Giancola , nutrition specialist in Los Angeles , a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association : « working fatty acids ( omega-3 ) to increase the health of the scalp . It is possible that the lack of it leads to dry scalp , which in turn leads to dehydration of the hair » .
  •  If you're a vegetarian , you can eat a tablespoon or two of linseed daily , as they contain fatty acids « Omega-3 » , which are found in plants.
  • Vegetables : such as spinach , cauliflower, chard plant source rich in Vitamins «A» and «C» he needs the body to the secretion of the sebaceous glands . The sebaceous glands that secrete the scalp as a natural conditioner for hair . As well as provide the leafy dark green body with iron and calcium .
  • Legumes : Legumes are useful food for hair . So you should be legumes , such as beans and lentils are an important part of the diet , which followed women for hair care. These foods do not provide the body much of the protein necessary for hair growth only , but they contain iron , zinc and biotin (vitamin B 7). Despite the dearth of biotin deficiency may lead to bombard hair. Recommends Plattner , a spokesman for the American Dietetic Association , eating the amount of three or more cups of beans or legumes each week .
  • Nuts : You have to eat nuts to enjoy hair thick and shiny . Brazil nuts are one of the best natural sources of selenium , a mineral important to ensure the health of the scalp .
  • It contains nuts acid alpha -linolenic fatty acids « Omega 3 » that could operate on the smoothness of hair. And is also a very rich source of zinc , such as cashew nuts , almonds Bakan . Zinc deficiency leads to hair loss , so make sure there are nuts on a regular basis in the list of food for the healthy hair .
  • Poultry: The chicken and turkey a rich source of high quality protein, which gives you the healthy hair that you want. As mentioned Giancola site «Web Mead» that «without obtaining the required protein or get a percentage of low protein quality could be infected hair weak and brittle, as a shortage of protein to a decrease in the density of hair», as well as supplying the poultry body with iron, also helps the body use iron.
  • Eggs: When it comes to hair it does not matter if the eggs fried or boiled . The eggs of the best sources of protein . Also contain biotin and vitamin (B12) which is one of the nutrients needed for the enjoyment of beauty .
  • Whole grains : Eat whole grains of whole wheat bread and breakfast cereals , as they are rich in zinc , iron and vitamins «B» necessary for the enjoyment of healthy hair . It is also light meals consisting of whole grains food necessary when less energy late in the afternoon before it comes up for dinner .
  • Low-fat dairy products: products are low-fat dairy, such as milk, yogurt, skim, are rich sources of calcium, which is one of the important minerals needed for growth. They also contain whey (whey) and casein, which are among the sources of protein-rich high quality.
If you would like to eat healthy food for hair , try to put your yogurt or cheese in your bag while you out of the house in the morning to eat as a snack later . It could also increase the usefulness of the hair by mixing two spoons of linseed or walnut for zinc and fatty acids « Omega-3 » .
  • Carrot : Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin «A» , which helps to enjoy a healthy scalp and head strong visual ability . As the health of the scalp is necessary to enjoy a smooth and shiny hair , should include snacks or authority in your diet on the islands .

To enjoy healthy hair, diversity is the best way to get it.

If you are trying to get rid of a few kilos quickly by following the latest diets, may result in poor hair and hunger. And devoid diet based on foods with a low-calorie, often, some of the nutrients necessary for the enjoyment of healthy hair, including fatty acids «Omega-3», zinc and vitamin «A». In addition to stop the growth of hair and dries, it is possible to lead diets that include low-calorie foods to hair loss.

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