Protect yourself from the risk of cancer tumors .

In this article we will talk of the most important. After all the main points that you should take care to avoid the dangers of cancerous swellings.

1 - refrain from smoking
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The direct impact of smoking and for sure to increase the incidence of several types of cancer of the bladder, cervix, kidney, esophagus, lip, lung, mouth, throat, pancreas, larynx. Even if you are not then you have non-smokers from exposure to tobacco smoke separately.

 2 - follow a diet rich in healthy cuisine

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It is necessary to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, beans, beans in about 5 meals per week, which may reduce the incidence of cancer of the colon, esophagus, stomach, lung, with an attempt to reduce the proportion of the cholesterol animal food such as red meat, milk, eggs and saturated oils and butter, which contains a high amount of cholesterol that may obesity causes that contribute to cancer. insanity workout calendar

3 - exercise and prevention of obesity

The increase in physical activity and exercise and avoiding obesity plays an important role for the prevention of cancer, especially that obesity may increase the incidence of breast cancer, colon, esophagus, kidney, stomach, uterus, as well as the sport itself protect against breast cancer, colon, prostate and uterus. The exercise for 30 minutes or more a day without any trouble walking, swimming, climb the ladder, for example, may help to prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease. workout calendar

4 - Protection from the sun

That skin cancer is the most common tumor types and has a direct relationship with exposure to sunlight. And to prevent it must refrain from exposure between the hours of ten in the morning and four o'clock in the afternoon and stay in the shade and the acquisition of light clothing light color to cover the arms and legs and the acquisition of hat head as well as the use of ointments protective sun garrison have great benefit also.

5 - Vaccines against cancer

There are some types of cancer that may result from a viral infection and can at the present time the use of vaccines to prevent infection, most notably liver cancer caused by inflammation of the Class B virus, which requires all children are vaccinated against it. And other malignancies of cervical cancer, which is usually due to infection with HPV "Lhalemom" which can at the present time the use of a vaccine against it for all females aged between 13 and 26 years old. insanity calendar
6 - to refrain from engaging in risky behavior Stimulus

Exposure to infections floral certain viruses such as AIDS and hepatitis from Class B will and Ahamleom human may increase the incidence of cancer of the cervix, skin, brain and anal and genital and liver, throat, vagina and vulva and Almufom and sarcoma "nightmare," especially if it was accompanied by those infections of drug addiction and the sharing of contaminated needles. It is important to avoid the practice of illegal sexual intercourse, especially with several women and refrain full of drugs.

 7 - medical advice periodic
The periodic medical advice may not completely protect against cancer, but it may be useful in the diagnosis early in the first stage where it can be cured with the help of God. On clinical examination that includes the skin, mouth, colon, rectum, cervix, breast, prostate and testicles.