Mis-diagnosis of respiratory problems in athletes

The problem of the vocal cords that restrict breathing when athletes often misdiagnosed as asthma as a result of exercise.  insanity workout calendar
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Medical News . Researchers began in college sports , study included 46 athletic newly diagnosed with the movement disorder vocal cords (PVFMD), a condition that can be caused by stress or anxiety and growing practice and cause constriction of the vocal cords and obstruct breathing .An estimated 5% of the athletes have the disorder of the vocal cords , which can severely affect their performance. The study shows that because of the high level of adaptation to the situation , it may be more difficult to diagnosis and treatment
of non-athletes .
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 For example, only 30 percent of the athletes in the study consistently suffer from the symptoms of movement of the vocal cords , such as cough during exercise .insanity workout .
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Often the symptoms of asthma -like symptoms movement of the vocal cords , and up to 40 percent of people who suffer from asthma suffer from the movement of the vocal cords so it is also typical of an athlete to get a diagnosis of asthma correctly , and not the weakness of the vocal cords . 
Researchers also the values ​​of a number of treatments for the disorder of the vocal cords , from biofeedback to Botox injections . Biofeedback is a technique that teaches people how to control their own body's responses .
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 The researchers found that treatment with re- training of the vocal cords , helped to reduce or eliminate the problems in breathing and stop the use of inhalers for asthma .Because the movement of the vocal cords can have physical and emotional effects , using tactics that help athletes to gain a sense of control over breathing can be truly effective . insanity workout calendar