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Did you know that you can deal with dental pain without opening your mouth:

Studies have confirmed a Canadian that rubbing an ice cube on the soles of your hand, the region membrane in the form (letter v) between your thumb and index finger, relieves toothache because it exists in this region corridors nerves that stimulate the brain and prevents pain signals issued from the face and hands.
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You can relieve the pain in your right side:

Do you feel a painful tingling in your right side when running, this is because you graduated air while your right foot hits the ground. Putting the liver under a lot of pressure (on the right side of the body), causing it to tighten the diaphragm, which sends the signal tingling in your right side, the solution is simply to learn to breathe out when your left foot hits the ground.
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More satisfactory bleeding from the nose:

The usual way is to close your nose and the back of your head back, and this is a big mistake. The right way is to put cotton on to the upper gums, which lies beneath the nose and press it firmly, why?

Comes more bleeding from the front bulkhead, the wall of cartilage that divides the nose, and the pressure on him to stop the bleeding. This is what he said (Peter Desmar specialist ear, nose and Throat Hospital in Aantapin, in Durban, South Africa.).

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Do you want to get rid of the pain:

Are you afraid of injection? It is not afraid of them. But now you can get rid of the fear and pain together by coughing while taking the syringe. Where German researchers discovered that coughing during injection reduces pain, cough that causes a temporary rise in pressure and sudden chest and spinal canal procedure also prevents the installation of pain in the spinal cord.  "Insanity Calendar"
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Get rid of the pain nasal congestion:

Do you suffer from chronic nasal congestion have been in vain medications with you, Alec way cheaper, faster and easier to relieve sinus pressure, Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth yawning, then press between your eyebrows with one finger. This causes shook greatness "Fumr" that pass through the nasal passages to the mouth, and tremors caused this move congestion,

After 20 seconds, you'll feel the tension start to unravel, and will reduce the pain.